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Megabus delivers digital transformation to Tyre & Mechanical Workshops

For many years, Tyre and Auto Workshops have relied on Megabus software to manage day-to-day operations like estimating, invoicing, workshop planning, stock control, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, STP compliant payroll and eCommerce.

“The product mix, service offerings and sourcing of customers for your workshop have changed – prepare for the future with one solution – Marlin Blue,” Megabus Software Sales Executive, Gary Garner, said.

“Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business. It fundamentally changes how you operate, deliver value and interact with your customers.” “In the Tyre and Auto industry, what we are describing is elimination of paper, manual entry, double handling, and the use of mobile technology.”

“Using technology such as SMS, e-mail, eCommerce, online vehicle look-up, online parts catalogues and web carts, website integration, tyre fitment finder, visual business planner – we are on the road to digitally transforming the way we work, setting new experiences for your staff and customers.”

So what does digital transformation look like? Megabus Software says an element of digital transformation is the transition to SaaS and cloud platforms. Overhauls of process, operations and customer experience are all essential components of a digital transformation.

Transforming processes Digital transformation means using digital technologies in reshaping processes to gain efficiency.

An example is eCommerce – a process sending information between trading partners. Here you generate a purchase order, which travels instantly to the supplier’s eCommerce system. The supplier then sends a Delivery Docket or Invoice back then accepted with one click on delivery, updating inventories and general ledger immediately.

Employees no longer spend time drafting and submitting purchase orders; and your inventory is accurate, you know what you owe your suppliers, and your Back office will be in better shape, flowing through to your P&L.

Transforming operations An example here can be found in your online parts portal. Here, your customer needs brake pads. From Marlin Blue you move to your portal, find the correct parts, understand how long the job takes – and order whilst there. Parts will be returned to your customer quote, and your supplier sends a document via eCommerce – eliminating errors and delays, ensuring the customer experience is best as possible.

Transforming the customer experience Digital transformations change the way that we interact with customers. Digital interactions with customers include: • accepting enquiries and bookings into your Business Planner via website; • emailing quotes and setting follow ups; • sending SMS to confirm booking and pick up times; • sending real-time information while a vehicle is in the workshop and gaining instant approval for additional work if required; • emailing your Invoice and accept payment via popular payment platforms; • staying in touch with your customer for maintenance; • sharing special offers to bring them back for regular checks and repairs; and • selling via online market places such as your website, Amazon, Facebook, EBay and Catch


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