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🔎When Should I Review My Workshop Management Systems?

At some point, all businesses review their IT & software solutions. A thought-provoking question is - when should I be doing this? A review can be due to the following:

  • My current system is nearing its End of Life and is not evolving

  • There is an upcoming renewal of my contract

  • I have the desire to move to a modern cloud solution

  • I need assurance about cybersecurity concerns

  • My business has changed, and I need to diversify into online sales or mobile service - or be more connected.

  • I have gaps in my requirements versus my functionality needs

  • I perform too many workarounds

  • My business is growing, and I have multiple stores, and my current systems are not scalable.

  • Lack of direct support or vision for the future from my current vendor

For more than 40 years, Marlin from Megabus Software has been the software of choice for thousands of Tyre & Mechanical workshops large, medium and small.  Marlin has kept pace with technology and because of our own development capabilities and continuous investment has always been ahead of the curve and able to react quickly to new needs. Supporting our clients through the pandemic was a testament to this.

The answer to the question is - these days, change for the better should always be at the forefront of your mind. Gone are the days when data from your existing systems will somehow be unavailable. More often than not, the implementation team at Megabus can migrate data from your old system to Marlin.


Booking an overview of our solutions today is a sensible way to understand where you sit when the review comes due; importantly you are not making decisions in a hurry or in an unplanned way. Contact the team at Megabus for an informal chat about our full suite of Point of Sale, Payroll and Accounting systems for Workshops, including the cloud-based, 8th-generation Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Software.

For WA, SA, VIC, TAS, and New Zealand, book a call with GARY.

For QLD and NSW, book a call with TREVOR.


Unlock the full potential of your business.


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