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Megabus Support Services
If you need us, we are just a few clicks away...

How do I Log a support ticket within my Marlin system?

It's super easy to contact us!


We know how busy your day can be, so rather than taking time out to make a call, you can simply click on Help | Log a Support Call from the menu within your Marlin software.

Help | Log a support call

This is the quickest way to contact Megabus Support as the details are immediately updated in our support system when you submit your request.


This method also gives you visibility of all existing tickets and their status.


Help us help you. We really appreciate you entering as much information as you can to assist our team with responding to your question or issue.

Can I send you an email?

Of course you can. If you can't log the ticket within the Marlin system, then you can email


You will receive an email back acknowledging your email with a reference number.


Please enter as much information as you can to assist our team with responding to your question or issue. Please include your Store Name, Contact and Phone Number.

What are your Support Hours?

You can log tickets 24/7, however our office hours are below.

Support hours table

Can I call you?

Absolutely, you can call us on 03 9262 5000.


Select Option 1 to leave a message.


So that we can help you out, please leave us your details and tell us a bit about your issue.


This will help the team to understand the problem and which resource will be best suited to assist you.

Your Megabus Support subscription includes a secure & audited remote access tool for interactive support with our team. 

Is support available out of hours?

We have extended hours for emergency support. Please log a call via your Marlin system (preferred) or email and we will do our best to respond to your issue.


If you need to call us, then please call 03 9262 5000 and select Option 2 to leave a message with as much detail as possible.

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