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Stacked Tires


Explore our suite of tyre and mechanical workshop, distribution and commerce products specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket industry.

Our products give you more than software — they give you the ability to manage and grow your business.

Our suite is built to save you time and increase profits and efficiency. If you have one location or hundreds, we’ve got the experience, expertise, reach and scalability to help you optimise your business, make your team stronger, and boost daily productivity.


Each product has been designed as a tyre and workshop-specific solution. We aren’t trying to shoehorn other technologies to work for your needs. We know your business. We know our products. Together we can provide you with the most effective and comprehensive tyre and workshop software solution.

Cloud Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Software.

Marlin Workshop

Cloud Tyre and Mechanical Software for multi-site, franchise and enterprise business structures.

Marlin Enterprise logo

On-premise & hosted deeply functional tyre & mechanical software for workshops, wholesalers and large enterprise networks.

Marlin GTX

The only STP-2 compliant payroll package specifically for tyre & mechanical workshops

Marlin HR
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