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Megabus launches Electronic Supplier Statements: Join Our Exclusive & Free Webinar!

Discover the next leap in electronic integrations for your Tyre & Automotive workshop: Electronic Supplier Statement Matching.

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive aftercare, staying ahead isn't just an option; it's a requirement for success. At Megabus we are committed to investment in industry advancements, and providing our partners with new developments that genuinely save time and money. As a leading provider of software solutions for tyre retailers, wholesalers, and auto mechanical workshops, we continuously push the envelope of technology to empower Australian businesses.

The newest addition to our arsenal is the revolutionary Electronic Supplier Statement delivery system. Embedded within the expansive Mega-Link automotive electronic supply chain network, this innovation promises to set an unparalleled industry standard.

Snippets of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine

Our Megabus CEO Justin Chalk recently discussed this exciting new development with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine stating "This isn't just an upgrade; it's a transformative leap in automating and refining financial procedures in the automotive back office. It's tailor-made to enhance our clientele’s operational efficiency and grant wholesalers and aftermarket part suppliers on our network distinct advantages."

Join us on December 8 @ 1:00PM AEDT for an exclusive webinar that delves into this groundbreaking development. Our event will highlight the Supplier Statement Reconciliation module's functionalities, revealing how it can level up your backoffice game. Discover how this module seamlessly manages electronic supplier statements, automates reconciliation, and simplifies payment preparations. A meticulous review process ensures precision by identifying discrepancies and highlighting matching transactions, reducing the chance of human error and fortifying financial management.

Don't miss the chance to steer your automotive business toward success! Register now for our exclusive webinar.

You can see the full AAAA magazine article featuring Justin (Megabus CEO) here: Australian Automative Aftermarket Magazine - November 2023


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