Easy Payment Options - Subscription

Megabus elected to move to a subscription based pricing model in 2000. This decision in part was based upon Megabus providing to customers a more transparent view of the costs associated with the development of software products.

One of the main misconceptions in the market place is that purchase of a license for software means that you own that software. This is a false assumption as the license remains the property of the development company. For example, when you purchase a windows application, you are buying the right to use that software into perpetuity, however as you know; the software quickly becomes obsolete and unsupportable, requiring the inevitable purchase of the latest version of the software to continue to operate when you upgrade new equipment from time to time. This equipment could simply be a new printer, or the latest backup device.

The challenge for Megabus is not only to keep pace with technological change in the underlying software operating systems, but to also continue to develop and supply leading edge POS and integrated Back Office functionality that provides a compelling solution to the marketplace.

Megabus can only do this with continued re-investment in its development of products specifically catered to the Australian market and its ever changing conditions.


Hardware rental is offered by Megabus to provide a tailored solution for all of your business hardware needs.

With cash flow friendly payments that are tax deductible, rental plans allow you to consider upgrading to all the latest technology available, both now and into the future.

With the rapid advances in hardware development, the concept of rental for hardware acquisitions is starting to make some real sense. Renting provides an upgrade path so that you always have the latest computer and office equipment that’s right for your business, as and when you require it.

Unlike a loan, your rental payments are an ‘off balance sheet’ expense, which can be useful if you need to apply for other finance. Your fixed rental payments are treated as an operating expense and are easily managed on a month to month basis, making your accounting much simpler.

Enjoy the numerous benefits and flexibility offered under a Megabus Rental Plan, compared to traditional forms of finance such as finance lease, hire purchase or cash purchase up front.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the rental term?
A. 3 years.

Q. What happens at the end of my agreement?
A. You have the option of either upgrading to new equipment, continue to rent, make an offer to purchase the equipment at a fair market value, or return the equipment without any residual obligation.

Q. Can I add new equipment during the rental contract period?
A. Yes you can add new equipment easily, simply speak to Megabus.

Q. What are the benefits of renting over leasing or up front purchase?
A. Rental allows you to easily upgrade as technology continues to change. Rental is also good for cash flow and saves immediate cash outlay by spreading the cost of equipment over its useful life.

Q. Is GST applicable?
A. Your rental payments are calculated on an EX GST price of the hardware. GST is added to the monthly rental payments and as a business with an ABN, you are entitled to claim the GST amount as an Input Tax Credit.

Q. Are my rental payments tax deductible?
A. Yes, rental payments are tax deductible up to 100%, as long as it is for business use.

Q. What is the interest rate of my agreement?
A. This is not a loan, so there is no interest rate applicable, just a monthly payment.

Q. How do I make payments?
A. Direct debit from a nominated bank account.