What is Hardcare?

Hardcare is Megabus’ offering to guarantee business continuity in the event of hardware failure anywhere in Australia. This covers the gap provided with normal equipment warranties, which are return to seller and restoration to original state. Megabus provides an additional warranty (Hardcare) through any hardware purchased with us and when taking our Hardcare service.

Ensuring complete peace of mind

Under our extensive Hardcare coverage, if your computer equipment breaks down due to a hardware defect during the course of the Hardcare agreement, Megabus will perform the following tasks:

  • Diagnose the fault
  • Remove the faulty component
  • Provide replacement components
  • Take on the shipping costs to and from the site
  • Re-fit parts back into your PC or other equipment
  • Ensure you are up and running with minimal downtime and no loss of important business information if back-ups are provided.

No Hidden Costs

With Hardcare, you are covered for all the hidden costs of correcting hardware problems when they occur, including an experienced hardware technician at your business handling these matters for you.


Should a critical hardware event occur, we endeavour to have a field hardware technician on your premises within 4 hours of reporting the fault.

  • On-site visits cover all necessary labour and material to bring the system back to a good operating condition.
  • If a hardware component failure means that your system will be unusable beyond a period of 48 hours, we will provide you with loan equipment of a similar configuration, as well as the necessary services to load your set-up, programs and data onto the loan system.
  • If you have a hard disk failure, our technician will replace your hard disk, restoring it to the operating system. In addition, all Megabus Licensed Software will be re-loaded and any data restored from your latest backup.


Hardcare is exclusive of any component failure that is caused as a result of events such as, but not limited to, electrical storms, flat batteries, power fluctuations, fire, flood, theft, acts of God, natural disasters, printers using non genuine consumable cartridges, operator error, malicious damage and or negligence etc.

Hardcare is exclusive if a person other than a Megabus approved hardware technician has attempted to rectify any problem without prior consent by Megabus.

Hardcare is exclusive of network cabling and any associated performance issues.