What is Marlin Inform?

We know that your time is precious, and it is not always easy to commit time away from your business learning how to use new software.

That’s why we have developed Marlin inform, our online training tool that allows you to complete courses in the comfort of your home or office.

Marlin Inform offers a full self-paced learning experience - complete the comprehensive modules at a time and pace that suits you, and learn how to get started with Marlin GTX and Marlin HR.

Marlin Inform Offers:

On-line help references

Our inform has a large number of online guides to assist you in all aspects of the Marlin suite from GTX to HR.

How to’s, FAQ’s

The inform FAQ will help you quickly find the information you are looking for and assist you accordingly

Video Tutorials

For those who learn by watching we offer a number of video tutorials that will walk you through your query.

Virtual Classrooms

Megabus offers virtual classrooms where one of our friendly staff members will help guide you through the Marlin GTX or HR platforms.

Testing and Assessment

At the end of our training sessions we offer a testing platform for your staff members to pin point what they know and where they need to improve.

Portal for Corporate Groups

Running a custom module? Inform allows us to create unique documentation for your group to assist in training your staff members on the software and procedures unique to you.