What is Marlin IQ?

Marlin iQ is a web based business intelligence tool that provides corporate groups with the ability to personalise reports, perform live analysis and enable dashboard type views of their most important asset - the data.

Marlin iQ extends your solution and is intended to supplement and enhance the analytical and reporting power of the rich source of data that Marlin GTX provides to a Franchise or Company operated group.

It provides for rapid build and release of business intelligence tools, to assist with, but not limited to:

Performance Analysis

Measure the growth of your business with tailored performance reports that are key to your businesses success.

Performance Benchmarks

Using MARLIN IQ track your businesses benchmarks to make sure that you are meeting sales quotas and growing your business.

Cloud Based Reporting

The nature of our cloud based reporting means you can have your data anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Marlin iQ also provides a capability for a customer to enter additional information outside the core Marlin product to help them manage their business to another level.

Out of the box functionality also provides the capability to display in text or graphics, generate alerts, drill down on data and download to excel spreadsheets with the touch of a button. The highly configurable nature of the product allows customised views of any data mix across your network. This can include customised dashboards for Head Office, State Managers, Regional Offices and Stores systems.

This technology also enables the use of mobile smart phone and smart app technology which allows the application to be viewed securely, from anywhere in the world.