What is Marlin Megalink?

Megalink is a communications platform that can operate as a stand-alone system for a business or is integrated to the Marlin GTX Business system.

It enables a business to conduct safe and secure e-Business within a corporate or franchise group, whilst also providing an electronic business capability with participating wholesalers and industry partners utilising the Megabus e-Network of customers.

Secure & Stable Communications

Guaranteed `once only' delivery

Items sent via our Megalink platform are managed so that the items can't be duplicated meaning your data is accurate.

Transaction are real-time

Megalink files are sent instantly, whether you're purchasing, selling or transferring items, the transaction will be received instantly.

Offline operation

Ability to work off-line if the internet is not available, your transactions are queued until connection is re-established.

Secure MegaSign Digital Certificate

Digital Security

Every transaction is certified by using a Digital Certificate which is world's best practice in e-Business communications utilising SSL technology.

256 bit data encryption

Megalink uses 256 bit data encryption meaning your data is protected and only the intended recipient will be able to interpret the data.

Peace of Mind

You Megalink status will be in red if there is an issue. One of our support staff will help you resolve the problem so that you can send and receive transactions again.