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Accessing the MarlinGTX Release Notes

This guide is intended for all those who want an in depth view on what is within current MarlinGTX releases.

The following is a quick guide on how to access the MarlinGTX Release notes within our Inform system.

1. Within MarlinGTX select Help from the top bar and then select Marlin Inform - Answers, Guides, Course, News. Doing this will open up Inform within a web browser.

2. Within Marlin Inform navigate to the Release Notes option and select it by simply clicking on it.

3. You should then see a list of current and past MarlinGTX versions, you can then view the Release notes by either clicking on one of the options, Full List, Highlights or items specific to your group.

4. You should now have access to all items that are relevant to your version of MarlinGTX.

For additional Support please lodge a ticket through the Megabus Support Portal via your Marlin GTX system Click Help | Log a Support Call. Enter your details and a ticket reference will be provided immediately.



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