Megabus offers computer hardware suitable for workshops & installation services that allow for hassle free upgrades.


Take advantage of Govt's instant asset tax write off for qualifying businesses and assets.

Instant Asset Tax Write Off


Buy upfront or Rent Equipment for a small monthly fee and own Hardware after 36 months.

Flexible Payment

Peace of mind by provided by an extended on-site warranty that covers replacement parts, labour and data restoration.

Network of technicians throughout Australia backed by a full service Cloud Backup, Virus, Malware & Security platform.

Nationwide Service

Extended Warranty

Accelerate your Marlin GTX system in 2021 and ensure Reliability, Speed, Backup, and Security
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Take your business to the next level with MarlinGTX

Many Tyre & Auto businesses are running version of Windows that are not supported by Microsoft. This increases the risk of downtime in your business from Virus, Malware and Unreliability events.

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Take advantage of our free computer audit in December to help plan your 2021 budgeting on Computer-related equipment expenses
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Computers & Peripherals

Network & Internet

Backup & Protection

Software Modules

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