Our support team is here to Help

With a large range of industry leading solutions we cover.

The Megabus National Customer Support Group is more than just a help desk and is manned by multi-skilled industry professionals. What differentiates us from other software providers is the ownership we take on in ensuring that your business problems are solved in a satisfactory and timely manner.

Software maintenance is vitally important particularly when a software problem or a corruption to your data occurs due to environmental factors. SoftCare® incorporates the maintenance (the fixing of any software defects) and the operational support (how to use type questions to you and your staff who have achieved our accreditation of the Marlin suite of products.

Leading Implementation Services are here to assist you.

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Megabus have vast proven experience in rolling out large chain networks efficiently to maximise a customer investment in a new platform.

Our approach sets us apart in delivering a total solution from beginning to end, project managed and with your needs firmly at the forefront. We respect that your investment in our solutions is a trust in a business partnership that we will value and grow.

Megabus are considered to be the leading provider to our industry and have been at the forefront of delivering many software enhancements that provide our users with innovative ways to manage both their business and improve the standards of information that they then use to provide a quality service to their customers.

Marlin Shieldcare to make sure you stay safe.

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Megabus has invested in the very latest enterprise class IT systems management to create a unique offering for customers who wish to maximise the life and efficiency of their hardware platforms without the costs or requirements of an IT consultant.

This offering is called Shieldcare and is ideally placed to sit aside the Megabus Hardcare service which provides for automatic replacement of equipment failure including all associated installation costs.

Shieldcare provides for the automation and management of key software platforms critical for the smooth running of computer hardware running business solutions including Antivirus, Antimalware, Windows updates and desktop policy management.