e-Business Transactions & Integration

Looking for that 'Green' edge - Through our close involvement with major industry suppliers and our mature integration capabilities to work with many varied forms of transactional outputs, Megabus has developed a reputation for reliable e-business offerings that are both scalable and affordable.

The combination of the Marlin Megalink communications platform and our vast network of integration partners, provides a real foundation for businesses that are looking to embed sustainability as a fundamental aspect of their business operations and supply chain.

Hosted Environments

Megabus has invested in major infrastructure to enable customers to take advantage of a low-cost alternative to purchasing business grade hardware in-store to manage a resident based application, by hosting services in the cloud to enable web-based access to your Marlin GTX system.

If you have a business grade and reliable NBN/ADSL service, the response is fast and provides a very positive user experience.