Customer Support

The Megabus national customer support group is more than just a help desk and is manned by multi-skilled industry professionals. What differentiates us from other software providers is the ownership we take on in ensuring that your business problems are solved in a satisfactory and timely manner.

Software maintenance is vitally important particularly when a software problem or corruption to your data occurs due to environmental factors. Softcare incorporates the maintenance (the fixing of any software defects) and the operational support (how to use type questions) to you and your staff who have achieved our accreditation of the Marlin suite of products.

Our customer support team can assist you with:

Marlin GTX Assistance

Having issues with how to achieve something within Marlin GTX and can't find the answer on Inform? Our support team is here to help out.

Marlin HR Assistance

Trouble with that last payrun or has some missing leave got you puzzled and nothing on inform working? Give us a call.

Megalink Assistance

Megalink showing red, or have you not received that invoice electronically? Contact us and we can sort out the issue swiftly and have you back up and running.

Additional IT support

Megabus offers additional IT support for items that are not covered by general support such as printer setup, network and router configurations.

Hardcare support

With Hardcare, you are covered for all the hidden costs of correcting hardware problems when they occur, including an experienced Network Engineer at your store handling these matters for you

Software defect

If you have found a defect within our software we are able to quickly lodge the issue with development so that the issue scan be lodged and fixed promptly.

Marlin Shieldcare

Megabus has invested in the very latest enterprise-class IT systems management to create a unique offering for customers who wish to maximise the life and efficiency of their hardware platforms without the costs or requirements of an IT consultant.

This offering is called Shieldcare and is ideally placed to sit aside the Megabus Hardcare service which provides for automatic replacement of equipment failure including all associated installation costs.

Shieldcare provides for the automation and management of key software platforms critical for the smooth running of computer hardware supporting your business solutions including antivirus, anti-malware, windows updates and desktop policy management.

Marlin Shieldcare Plus

This is the best way to protect your business against loss of precious computer data, whether it's a result of disasters such as theft, fires, floods or a hardware failure.

Shieldcare Plus Backup provides you with the capability to store your encrypted Marlin GTX and Marlin HR backup data and important business files securely online via the internet.

Think of it as insurance for your business, peace of mind that costs around 60 cents per day.

Secure and Encrypted
The data can only be retrieved by Megabus authorised staff at your request.

100% Automated
Megabus will setup your nominated PCs, you just need to do your End of Day as normal and then forget it. Your files will sync silently in the background, without you having to do anything.

A backup service that saves you time and money while protecting your business.

Simple & Easy to Use
Worry free, no configuration or monitoring required by you. Computer backup made simple!

What data is sent to the cloud?

  • Marlin GTX (Day, week, month and yearly backup files)
  • Marlin HR (each finalised pay run)
  • My Documents
  • Desktop folder

‘If disaster strikes, Megabus will be ready to help you get you back up and running’

Please Note: Shieldcare is a minimum requirement for any Shieldcare Plus service.