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Write your own success story with your partner Megabus and meet the challenges of an ever changing technology landscape with someone you can trust. Together we invest in the solutions to be there for you in the long term.

Who We Are

Megabus began business in 1979 with the evolving aim to provide an end to end solution and service suite to customers who could not afford their own expensive IT infrastructure. As the business grew through the 80’s and 90’s in both reputation and functional capability via the development of the Marlin suite of products, Megabus introduced many industry-leading technology features like the e-business Megalink middleware solution; and expanded its customer base to be the preferred software platform of choice in the Tyre and Automotive industry in Australia.

With the onset of globalisation of technology companies and many of Megabus’ long term customers seeking out solutions providers that had a global footprint, the decision was made to seek a partner who could realise the vision of Megabus to take its best of breed products to the rest of the world.

During 2013, Megabus sought out potential partners and was excited to find a like-minded company that shared its values and commitment to the customer that would deliver on the vision. In June 2015 Megabus was then acquired by Constellation Software through its operating group company, Friedman Corporation and as a result of the purchase, Megabus became part of Constellation’s Friedman Operating group and continues to operate as an independent division of Friedman.

The acquisition has provided Megabus with a stronger corporate platform as well as greater access to resources and expertise to improve its product portfolio, market reach and level of service to customers.

Our History