Retail Solutions

Marlin GTX is a 'Best of Breed' solution in the Australasian market place that is proven and in use in over 1000 retail outlets today.

Marlin GTX provides a retail solution that is reliable and easy to use, delivering immediate benefits with features that maximise repeat business and establishes control over work being performed in the business by utilising advanced resource planning functionality with fast and accurate reporting

Many of our customers use our retail offering and make use of the simplicity and ease-of-use that Marlin GTX provides in a point of sale and back office environment. Add Marlin HR to the mix with Payroll and HR Management and you have a complete business solution.

To manage your business properly, you need to know how you are positioned from a pricing and stock perspective at all times. Marlin GTX combines rapid speed to serve a customer with powerful inventory control and integration to back-office functionality that enables full control over your business.

Also guarantee a rapid return on your investment with the low cost of entry via our subscription model for software and competitive rental options for hardware.

Combined with expert on-going support from Megabus, this allows you the freedom to focus on your business, rather than on handling technology issues that can arise from time to time.

Wholesale Solutions

Marlin GTX provides an extremely powerful suite of functionality that enables a Wholesaler to effectively manage their business.

A complete Wholesale solution with superior stock control and shipping functionality is provided.

The ability to perform e-Business in a secure and timely manner to your customers is also fundamental and delivers guaranteed business benefits.

These features are complemented by the ability to have multiple stock locations, multi-branch capabilities, import shipping, centralised Financials/Accounting, a broad range of reporting options, and integration capability to third party warehouse management systems.

Our Wholesale offering within Marlin GTX also allows for extremely flexible and diverse company structures.

Business benefits include:

Fast invoicing

  • Saving time at the despatch process, we provide a ‘one button’ invoicing of work orders to streamline the delivery to your customers.

Inventory Control

  • Includes inventory re-order management
  • Supports multiple bin locations
  • Offers consignment In and out tracking
  • Integrates with the leading warehouse management systems.

Stock visibility

  • Uses multiple warehouses to allow tracking of stock across more than one storage location
  • Setup and track bin/s locations if required
  • The printing of documents to a remote warehouse or third party logistics can be configured
  • Save on time consuming effort and phone calls by utilising the ‘Live’ Stock Enquiry that shows availability of stock across all locations


  • Delivery route planning
  • Remote warehouse location printing for packing lists and orders
  • Cash on delivery [COD] tracking
  • Mobile proof of delivery and signature capping
  • Drop shipping
  • Shipping and container module

Complete import shipping

  • Provides accurate date information about the expected arrival of imported stock and also simplifies the entry of stock purchased when the container is delivered.

Management and Sales tools

  • Flexible customer reporting - There is a broad range of reporting options available across all of the wholesaler features.
  • Manage price levels, including mark-ups, discount structures and specials
  • Create and track promotions and manage supplier rebates
  • Integrate with B2B websites live, not with batch updates
  • One program can also manage your retail and online sales

Multi-Branch capabilities

Centralised financials/accounting