Corporate & Head Office

Megabus work closely with their corporate customers to provide a complete business solution for their network.

Whether the corporate head office is utilising the Marlin GTX system as its own accounting head office or uses a different ERP solution, Megabus can provide the expertise to enable a seamless integration between corporate systems and the desktop retail/wholesale Marlin GTX systems that their network utilise and thus minimise the amount of administrative effort to maintain multiple sources of data.

Also key to enabling powerful web-based sales / enquiry channels are integration points from and to Marlin GTX store systems that can provide:

  • Links from corporate web-sites for customer enquiries / bookings / sales
  • Corporate loyalty programs and other customer focussed initiatives e.g. Velocity loyalty program
  • Extended CRM functionality for mass marketing programs
  • Management of third party data exposed within the Marlin GTX store system
  • Web based corporate group reporting across regions via Marlin iQ

Franchisee & dealer solutions

Marlin GTX provides the platform for a franchisee or dealer group to maximise their strengths in providing key functionality to assist management of a complete business solution such as:

  • Real-time maintenance of public files via the Internet (consistent group standards)
  • Stock, customers, suppliers, packages, chart of accounts and reporting structures
  • Sending pre-defined store transaction activity seamlessly back to head office
  • Live branch stock enquiry allows a full view of availability of stock across the group
  • Standard financial management reporting
  • Benchmark across groups by store, region or state & national analysis
  • Set recommended selling prices and specials
  • Ease of making configuration changes specific to your group
  • Standard group configuration allows for consistent rollout of training and standard documentation

The strength of any successful franchise or dealer group is to have consistency across processes, procedures, standards, marketing and training of staff. Computer systems are a key element in providing an effective business management tool to capitalise on all these aspects.

In utilising the systems, support and services offered by Megabus, both franchisor and franchisee benefit from the capabilities and experience of a business who, for more than 40 successful years, has partnered and grown with specialists in the franchise industry in Australia.

Megabus currently provides software and services to some of the largest and most successful franchise and dealer groups.


Within a franchise group or as an independent chain of businesses, you could operate a number of sites under a single ABN. With the flexibility of Marlin GTX, you can elect to consolidate all your administrative functions to be performed in one location. This removes the onus on your 'Branches' having to perform some tasks locally and the net effect of time savings in your whole business can be achieved by:

  • Centralised general ledger that allows a full trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet and journal entries for each branch
  • Centralised debtors producing single statement, centralised debtor balances, credit limits, account holds, etc.
  • Interrogation or reprint the detail of all transactions performed at a branch level
  • Allocate receipts against branch debtor transactions
  • Make purchases for all branches or effectively act as a warehouse for your branches
  • Analyse sales figures across all branches
  • Auto stock transfers across your branches saving on manual entry of the transactions at the branches

Marlin GTX is an integrated system providing detailed sales and other management information at each store & consolidated `real time' at your head office. This provides enormous time and cost savings by allowing centralised accounting within that group, reducing the need for separate bookkeeping for each business.

The system allows you to have tight control over your businesses with independent and consolidated analysis of all key performance indicators. This enables head office control of the key product, customer, supplier and financial data with an immediate update at store level. Make use of the easy collection of customer information for the head office follow up programs, providing the ability to market to the "Cash sale" customer from a central point.

Save on all the time-consuming effort and costly phone calls by utilising the `Live Branch Stock Enquiry' that shows the availability of stock across all stores.