Tyre & Automotive

Megabus have become subject matter experts in the delivery of business solutions to the Tyre and Automotive industry by providing innovative and cost-saving functionality that have supported the growth and standards of major networks throughout Australasia.

With the expansion of the aftermarket service industries and the proliferation of associated data sources that are required to make timely sales decisions at the point of sale to win the business, Megabus provide solutions that streamline the sales process from quote through to invoice and back office.

A further extension to our services is that we work with key partners such as Burson, Autoi and Boyce Automotive data to provide integrations to specialised automotive data that assist our customers in the generation of complex sales and service quotes.

The Business and Day Planner has been created to assist with the total management of Customer Contacts from phone enquiries to booked work. Corporate customers also utilise the ability to integrate customer enquiries captured on a web-site directly into the store Day planner, thus prompting immediate store response so as not to miss out on valuable sales leads.

The Business Planner offers the ability to capture customer enquiries including customer contacts through integrated SMS or bookings and manage these transactions through the entire sales and workshop process. The Resource Planner allows work to be allocated against a resource (service bay or staff member) allowing for total resource management with the goal of making manual daily diaries redundant.

Combine this powerful functionality with the e-commerce integrations and partner relationships available to Marlin GTX users and you will achieve improved efficiencies and lower operating costs to manage day to day business.